The Solar Powered Death Spiral For Utilities Begins – In Hawaii …


A solar powered death spiral for utilities and conventional power has already begun. Solar power is proving to be more disruptive, more quickly than anyone.

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

According to reporter Michael Sankowski, solar power will seal the death warrant of utilities that provide power through fossil and other fuels.  The gradual end to electrical distribution as we know it will result from solar power’s cheaper cost and relative ease of use.  Sankowski says “Solar power is proving to be more disruptive, more quickly than anyone imagines..”  Solar power will “disrupt the business model for utilities.”  All solar power must do is deliver power cheaper than the most expensive energy source.  That step would force utilities to raise rates to maintain their profit margin, which could cause less demand for power generated the old way with fossil fuels.  Sankowski believes Hawaii will lead the way to solar power generation and force utilities to adopt new business methods and pricing models.  This scenario is already being played out on Hawaii Island where the Hawaii Electric Light Company is warning customers not to connect solar systems to the HELCO grid without first doing a safety and load study.  HELCO is also pursuing more geothermal exploration, with the hopes of exporting such power to Oahu and Maui.  Exciting times are ahead.  Aloha, Russ.

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