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EPIC MURAL | Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Photos by HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald.

Source: EPIC MURAL | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/news/local-news/epic-mural).

Accessed on 08 December 2015, 15:30 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Hollyn Johnson.

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Nice photo essay of a huge mural in Hilo being painted by Australian street and fine artist David “MEGGS” Hooke.   The Los Angeles-based artist is finishing his skateboard-inspired mural today on the south exterior wall of  the Oasis Skate Company on Kinoole Street in Hilo.

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Study aims to demystify risks from lava flows – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Scientists are studying lava flows in hopes of making such natural phenomena more predictable.

Source: Study aims to demystify risks from lava flows – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL (http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/29973748/study-aims-to-demystify-risks-from-lava-flows).

Accessed on 08 September 2015, 05:40 hrs, UTC.

According to the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald”, the three-year study includes Hawaii and mainland scientists “who want to better understand how small changes in topography and other variables can alter or stop molten rock.”  UH-Manoa volcanologist Bruce Houghton tells “Hawaii News Now” that statisticians hope “to give residents living downhill (of) a volcanic eruption a better idea of their risk.”

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State moves closer to medial marijuana dispensary system.

State Senate passes bill supporting medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii.

Source:  Associated  Press/Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Cathy Bussewitz


Fifteen years after medical marijuana became legal in Hawaii, the State Senate has passed a bill to establish dispensaries for the drug.  The next step is for state senators and state house representatives to work out their differences  about how the dispensary system would work.  According to AP reporter Cathy Bussewitz, an estimated 13,000 patients approved to use the drug in Hawaii have been left to buy it on the “black market or grow it on their own.”  Hawaii Island State Senator Josh Green believes a medical marijuana dispensary system “can end the black market question…we can treat it as a medicine.”  The last draft of HB 321 would allow up to one dispensary license to be granted in each county.  Each license would cover up to one cultivation site and two dispensary locations.  According to AP reporter Cathy Busewitz, “The idea is to have one dispensary on each island because taking marijuana interisland on planes would be problematic.”


Hawaii Island News, 13 December 2014. Post #8773

The views expressed in this news summary are my own unless otherwise stated.


1.  Hawaii Island residents may get a closer look at the June 27 lava flow.

2.  Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz gets key U.S. Senate post.

3.  Hilo man killed in Pearl Harbor accident.

4.  Applications submitted for FEMA aid.

5.  Charges dropped in Hilo Ice plant burglary.

Those are the headlines, here are the stories:

1.  Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald/Hawaii County Civil Defense.

Reporter:  Tom Callis.

Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Darryl Oliveira told reporter Tom Callis that county officials want “to restore unrestricted access to Apa’a Street as shortly, allowing  people to walk up to–but not on–the cooling lava.”  Oliveira added that “Our goal is to see if we can do something in the next week…we’re very cautious about throwing out a date…we don’t want to disappoint anyone.”  Lava crossed Apa’a Street/Cemetery Road on 25 October 2014, destroyed a nearby house and partially inundated the closed Pahoa waste transfer station at the top of Apa’a Street.

2.  Source:  West Hawaii Today.

Reporter:  Bret Yager

According to reporter Bret Yager, Hawaii “once again has a seat at the table where key decisions are made about how federal money is distributed within the 50 states.”  The U.S. Senate leadership has appointed Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz to a “coveted” seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee.  This powerful position “determines how funds are allocated to government departments, agencies and organizations and is responsible for supplemental spending bills.”

Senator Schatz told “West Hawaii Today” that the position permits him to make sure Hawaii gets its fair share.  Schatz added that he will work to get federal support for Hawaii’s highways and harbors.

3.  Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald/Hawaii News Now/Associated Press (Honolulu).

Reporter:  John Burnett.

The oldest brother of a Hilo man killed Wednesday in an industrial accident at Pearl Harbor told reporter John Burnett that he’s upset and numb” about the death of his brother.  Gerald Saragosa said his 30-year-old brother, Justin ( one of two men killed when a 5-ton buoy fell from a crane on a barge) was “a special person, happy-go-lucky, friendly, always willing to help people out.”  Justin Saragosa , who lived in Kapolei, Oahu, was the father of a 9-year-old son.  He and 42-year-old Joefrey Andrada of Waipahu, Oahu  were killed and two others injured in the accident at the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility.

4.  Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald/Associated Press (Honolulu).

According to a statement issued Friday by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), federal officials have received 16 requests for public assistance from applicants who were impacted during Tropical Storm Iselle, which came ashore in East Hawaii on 07 August 2014.  President Barack Obama approved supplemental federal aid to help local government agencies and eligible nonprofit organizations recover from the storm, which downed trees, flooded roads, and interrupted power for several weeks.  A request by Mayor Billy Kenoi for a disaster declaration form Obama that would have allowed for federal relief to individual homeowners  impacted by Iselle was denied.  An appeal of that decision also was unsuccessful.

5.  Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Reporter:  John Burnett.

According to reporter John Burnett, Hawaii County prosecutors have dropped several charges against 22-year-old Clinton Ronald Souza, who was accused of breaking into a Banyan Drive ice factory following the passing of Tropical Storm Iselle.  Charges of burglary of a building during a civil defense emergency and second-degree burglary, plus two counts of criminal property damage and four counts of unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle were dismissed without prejudice on 01 December 2014 at the request of prosecutors.  If new evidence is found, those charges can be reinstated.

Deputy Prosecutor Jack Matsukawa said “Basically, some new evidence concerning the DNA indicated someone else could have been there doing the break-in…some further investigation needs to be done, and we’re looking at the other guy first–the one who matches the DNA.”  Despite the DNA issue, Souza still faces single counts of first-degree theft and unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle.  Souza also faces a charge of strong-arm robbery in an unrelated case.  Trial is set for 27 April 2015 on the robbery charge and 04 May 2015 on the first-degree theft and unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle charge.

Souza remains in custody at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center.


Hawaii Island Weather:

Hilo and vicinity:  Cloudy with some sunshine.  A chance of a few windward showers.

Kailua-Kona and vicinity:  Partly sunny with a few upslope showers by late afternoon.

Highs:  80 degrees F.  Lows:  66 degrees F.  Winds from the north northeast, 7-14 mph.


Hilo High Tide:  7:42 a.m./9:21 p.m.  Hilo Low Tide:  12:38 a.m./3:05 p.m.

Kailua-Kona High Tide:  9:08 a.m./11:26 p.m.  Kailua-Kona Low Tide:  2:34 a.m./4:31 p.m.

Hawaii Island surf forecast:

Hilo/Honolii:  2 to 3 feet.  Hamakua and North Kohala:  8 to 10 feet.  Kailua-Kona/Banyans:  5 to 8 feet.  South Point/Pohoiki:  1 to 2 feet.

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Hawaii Island News, Tuesday, 09 December 2014.

The views expressed in this news summary are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Here are some of the stories I’m following today:

Man sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Source: Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

Thirty-two-year-old Claude Keone Krause will spend his life in prison with the possibility of parole role for his role in the murder of Dante Peter Gilman on 28 December 2012.  In exchange for the murder plea, prosecutors dropped burglary, robbery, theft, and three firearms charges.  Under terms of the plea agreement, prosecutors will ask the Hawaii Paroling Authority to set Krause’s minimum sentence at 30 years.

Lava flow reaches “fork in the road.”

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Colin M. Stewart.

On Monday morning, the active front of the June 27 lava flow appeared to be entering a “critical area” 2.3 miles upslope of Highway 130 and Pahoa Village Road.  After moving about 250 yards in 24 hours, the flow had reached a corridor where it could move in two different directions as defined by the area’s topography.  One path would go north, passing to the south of the Ainaloa subdivision, or it could go in a direction with the steepest descent that could take the flow through the Pahoa Marketplace.  Hawaii County Civil Defense officials say it could be the middle of the week before “we see it exiting that area.”

Fund raising saves Honokaa People’s Theater.

Source:  Associated Press (Honokaa, Hawaii).

The Honokaa People’s Theater will stay open, thanks to a fund raiser spearheaded by 500 local area families and a boost from the Big Island Resource Conservation Counsel and a $30,000 donation from Kona resident Scott Jones.  The group that runs the theater got word this year that $60,000 would be needed to buy a digital projector to show contemporary movies and to remain in business.  An online crowd-sourcing campaign was launched and raised $120,000 in 60 days.

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Hawaii Island News, Saturday, 11 October 2014. Post #8,124.

The opinions expressed in this news summary are mine, unless otherwise specified.

As we enter another beutiful weekend, here are the stories making headlines on Hawaii Island:


Source:  Stephens Media Hawaii.

Reporter:  Nancy Cook Lauer.

Kailua-Kona Councilman Don Kanuha believes electronic cigarettes and vaporizers should go the way of tobacco products and be banned from county facilities, beaches, and parks.  According to reporter Nancy Cook Lauer, Kanuha’s Bill 302 will be offered to the council’s committee on Public Safety and Mass Transit this coming Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the West Hawaii Civic Center.  Kanuha said he decided to sponsor the bill following a move the state Department of Accounting and Gerneral Services on 25 September 2014 adding e-cigarettes to already existing bans on smoking in state buildings and workplaces.  Kanuha added that the county measure “basically follows the state’s lead and takes into account complaints he’s been hearing from the public.”


Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

The Daniel K. INouye College of Pharmacy will get something it has long sought–a permanent building for its class rooms and laboratories.  Dean John Pezzuto called the release of $33 million for the school to build the facility “a great day for the college, a great day for the state and probably even a greater day for the whole Pacific region.”  Pezzuto, who helped begin the pharmacy school at the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2006, told reporter John Burnett that the release of funds approved earlier this year by the state Legislature was the result of “a massive group effort from the college, the community and mostly the state Legislature working with us and the governor.”  Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui said the release of funding for the facility “will provide the space needed for students and faculty to learn and discover the wonders of science.”  In making the announcement for Governor Abercrombie, Tsutsui added that “I am confident that achievements made in this building will benefit the Big Island community, the state of Hawaii and the world.”  UH-Hilo director of university relations, Jerry Chang, said a groundbreaking ceremony  is planned for 17 November 2014.


Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Tom Callis.

At Thursday evening’s gubernatorial debate at Hilo’s Sangha Hall, the three major candidates each promised “to do more to empower educators at the local level.” While candidates Mufi Hannemann, David Ige, and Duke Aiona agreed that the state of Hawaii Department of Education could use some reform, none of the hopefuls would go so far as creating local school districts.  Aiona said local school districts “would be optimal…but that’s not what I’m envisioning.  We would still have the board at the top, but their role would change dramatically.”  Aiona’s approach would let schools decide their own curriculum and buy their own equipment.  Ige, a state senator, said the Board of Education needs to “walk the talk” when it comes to make more of their own decisions, adding “They talk about empowering principals but their actions don’t demonstrate it…they need to let the community take the responsibility and make the most important decisions on how the children should learn and how we could support them better.”  Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who is running as an independent, said he would keep the state board intact but “they would know there’s a new sheriff in town.”  Hannemann said board members “need to get off their backs”, adding that he has “great concerns” with the common core curriculum.  Hannemann remarked that “What works for New York may not work for Hawaii.”


Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

The Honokaa business community is hoping that new road signs and the inclusion of several buildings in the Hawaii Register of Historic Places will give the Hamakua Coast town “an economic boost.”  The Heritage Center at UH-Hilo’s North Hawaii Education and Research Center and the Historic Honokaa Ad Hoc Committee have scheduled  a free public multi-media presentation at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Honokaa People’s Theater, where two new signs will be revealed.  The signs, proclaiming “Historic Honokaa Town” will be placed at locations along the Mamalahoa Highway (Highway 19) and  the Honokaa Waipio Road (Highway 240). Gerald De Mello, a retired UH-Hilo sociologist and administrator who owns the Ferreira Building on Mamane Street, has guided the effort for the historical designation of Honokaa.  De Mello told reporter John Burnett that the 4-foot-by-12-foot signs made by the state Department of Transportation “will help attract visitors and locals to the former sugar town, mainly for day visits.”  De Mello added that the new signs “are the ones that they use in the other 49 states as historical stops.”


Periods of sun with a few isolated showers.  Highs near 86.  Lows near 71.  Winds from the northeast, 6-12 mph.  More showes are expected by Sunday afternoon.


Hilo:  High Tide–6:08 a.m./5:35 p.m.  Low Tide–12:32 p.m./11:47 p.m.

Kailua-Kona:  High Tide–7:35 a.m./6:51 p.m.  Low Tide–12:24 a.m./2:08 p.m.


Hilo and Honolii–3 to 5 feet.  Hamakua and North Kohala–10-14 feet.  Kona and Banyans–6 to 9 feet.  South Point and Pohoiki–2 to 4 feet.

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Hawaii Island News, Tuesday, 23 September 2014. Post #7935.

The views expressed in this post are mine unless otherwise stated.

Here are some of the top news stories around Hawaii Island for Tuesday, 23 September 2014:

TWO MEN ARRESTED FOR BOAT THEFT (Hawaii Tribune-Herald/Hawaii Police Department).

Hawaii County police have arrested 22-year-old Michael James McCrum of Kailua-Kona and 19-year-old Isaac Carl Akina of Kailua-Kona for the theft of an outboard motor, the removal of an aluminum skiff, and an unrelated burglary of the boat owner’s home at Weil Weli Beach on 03 August 2014.  Last Thursday, a Kailua-Kona man reported that his outboard motor was taken from his boat while it was tied to the Kailua pier. Later that day, police officers found two men using his motor on an aluminum skiff.  Police said their investigation found that the boat had been stolen in an unrelated incident.  Police also learned that the boat owner’s home was one of two houses burglarized in August.  Police were able to link the suspects to all of these cases.  Bail for McCrum has been set at $47,000, while bail for Akina has been set at $9,500.


The discovery of an intruder in a neighbor’s  home led to a 49-year-old Ocean View man’s arrest for the breakin and for the commercial promotion of marijuana.  The owner of a home on Lehua Lane near Coral Parkway told police that when she arrived home she found a man in her house whom she recognized as someone who lived in the area.  The intruder reportedly fled over a fence, causing damage to the fence. Hawaii County police officers found items belonging to the victim piled inside the house next to the front door.  Police determined the intruder entered the house, took a shower in the victim’s bathroom, and drank alcohol belonging to the victim.  Police also determined that the intruder entered the victim’s car parked in the garage and taken the car keys. Police officers went to the property of the suspect, found the suspect, 49-year-old Jeb Stewart Thurlby, and arrested him at his nearby property.  Police officers also seized 112 marijuana plants ranging in height from seedlings to 4 feet tall.  Thurlby was charged with commercial promotion of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, in addition to charges of burglary, unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, and property damage.  Thurlby remains at the police cellblock until all of his court appearances are done.


According to reporters Tom Callis and Colin M. Stewart,  Hawaii County bulldozers will begin building a path today through lava rock covering a nearly 8-mile stretch of Chain of Craters Road to create another alternate route for residents threatened by the June 27th lava flow.  The road will be needed if the slow moving lava flow also covers Highway 130, “currently the only route in and out of lower Puna…”  The county is also clearing portions of Government Beach Road and Railroad Avenue along the eastern coast of Hawaii Island as alternate evacuation routes.  Chain of Craters Road has been covered with lava several times since it was opened in 1965 and has been rebuilt four times before.  Hawaii County Mayor Billie Kenoi said the county will begin construction on the first 1.2 miles of the road on the Kalapana side to get “a head start.”  Surveying of the alignment is ongoing in other areas.  The road would be re-established with a gravel surface.  Another 5.4 miles of the buried road is in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Park officials have been able to expedite preparations on its end by designating the road for emergency access.  But those provisions limit the road to one lane with shoulders within the park.  Mayor Kenoi is asking for a declaration of disaster through Governor Neil Abercrombie to President Obama for help with two-lane access.

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