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Hilo girls headed to RBI World Series.

Hilo slips past Arizona, 302 at Compton, California.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Matt Gerhart.


Behind the clutch-hit single of Honokaa‘s Kayla Requelman, Hilo swept past Arizona, 3-2, Sunday at Compton, California to win the West Regional final of the RBI.  The Honokaa senior’s hard-hit single up the middle in the seventh inning scored Alissa Kaneshiro and sent the Hawaii All-Stars “screaming out of their dugout in celebration.” The girl’s team will remain in Los Angeles until Wednesday and plans to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Beverly Hills during the next two days. Next stop–the upcoming RBI World Series.  In the RBI West Regional baseball final, Los Angeles beat Hilo, 7-3, at Dodger Stadium. Aloha, Russ.


Gregory and Henderson claim wins in the first Hilo Triathlon.

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi completes the event, placing 77th overall.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Matt Gerhart.


The first Hilo Triathlon ran fairly smoothly, with only Mother Nature offering some resistance.  Unlike the more famous World Triathlon Championship held in Kailua-Kona in October, this new three-event race was considerably wetter and more slippery than its West Hawaii counterpart.  Competitors  were thoroughly soaked by the remnants of Tropical Storm “Fausto”, as it passed far to the south of Hawaii Island.  When the race was over, Chris Gregory emerged as the men’s winner with at time of 1:59.37.  Rani Henderson took the women’s title with a time of 2:16.54.  Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi finished in 77th place with a time of 3:03.20.  Kenoi noted that one of the purposes of the triathlon was “to promote health, taking an if-I-can-do-it, anyone-can-do-it attitude.”  He said the event also increased driver awareness…”we’re just not used to sharing the roads as much” as “the west side of the island.”  One hundred fifty seven people and 26 relay teams finished the race.  Henderson, an experienced  triathlete, told reporter Matt Gerhart:  “I was really surprised and blown away at how organized everything was.  From the transition to the volunteers to the police, everything was first class all the way.”  Aloha, Russ.

UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy retains accreditation.

School is compliant with all 30 accreditation standards.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Colin M. Stewart.


Here’s some good news for the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy—the American Council for Pharmacy Education has found the school to be compliant with all 30 of its accreditation standards.  The University of Hawaii at Hilo college passed the final requirement when the state Legislature appropriated $33 million for a new building for the program.  According to reporter Colin M. Stewart, Dean John Pezzuto warned “that the longer legislators waited to fund a building, the more danger the fledgling program would be in regards to losing its accreditation….”  Pezzuto said that should legislators fail to fund a building for the program this year, “that would be equivalent to pushing us off the cliff, and we would be in a freefall.”  Now that funding for the building has been approved, the College of Pharmacy “must complete a self-study due by September, to be followed by an onsite visit in October 2014.”  The results of the visit and continuing of accreditation will be reviewed at the next ACPE Board meeting in January 2015.  Aloha, Russ.

Hawaii Island News, Friday, 27 June 2014. Post #7155.

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As we enter Friday and the upcoming weekend, here are the stories we are covering:

Man pleads not guilty to a car crash that killed two women and injured several others.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

Hilo Circuit Judge Greg Nakamura has set a trial date of 10 November 2014 for Alfred Berdon III, who pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges stemming from a 2012 traffic accident along the Hamakua Coast that killed two women and injure several other persons.

Berdon is facing charges of first-degree negligent homicide, first-degree negligent injury, and second-degree negligent injury.  If Berdon is found guilty of negligent homicide, he could face up to 10 years in prison.  Berdon is free on $32,000 bail, with conditions including “no drugs or alcohol, random drug and alcohol testing and no possession of firearms or ammunition.  Berdon’s attorney asked permission to all him to accompany his son to a youth baseball tournament in California and Nevada between 14 and 17 July 2014.  Berdon is coaching a youth baseball team, and his son is on the team.  Judge Nakamura advised Berdon to clear the travel plans through the Department of Public Safety’s Intake Service Center.

Hawaii police say Berdon was driving a pickup truck on the Hawaii Belt Road at about 4:23 p.m. on 10 September 2012, when he crashed into a van as he was trying to pass.  The van carried landscapers from Puna Certified Nursery returning home from a job in Waikoloa.  The van ran off the highway and rolled down a 15-foot embankment at Kalopa Gulch, killing Josefina Visaya and Patrocinia Cadang and injuring Marilyn Bagaoisan, Maria Macadangdang, and Marilyn Chavez.

Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville said that Berdon’s urine tested positive the day after the accident for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and oxycodone, a semi-synthetic opioid painkiller marketed as Oxycontin.  He added that the test was “presumptive” and a mandatory blood sample needed to be done by a lab.

Hawaii Construction inspector accused of violating the county’s ethics code.

Source:  Stephens Media Hawaii.

Reporter:  Nancy Cook Lauer.

On Wednesday, the Hawaii County Board of Ethics ruled that Hawaii County construction inspector Robert Northrop violated the provision of the ethics code governing fair treatment by county officials.  Apparently, the offense occurred after Northrop “became too involved in a Holualoa neighborhood dispute.”  Although the Board of Ethics has no power to authorize fines, it will send a letter “notifying his supervisor at the Department of Public Works about the violation.

The ethics complaint was filed by Chris and Annette Pickens, who told the board that Northrop told them about their neighbor’s permit violation in May 2011, while he was on the Pickens’ property to inspect a grading violation against themselves.  Annette Pickens said Northrop “violated our right to privacy.”  Northrop reportedly told the neighbors about the Pickens’ violation, and, while he was having coffee with the neighbors, suggested they form a coalition with other neighbors against the Pickens.

In testimony before the ethics panel, Northrop said  his actions were “a good cop, bad cop thing”, adding that he was doing his job following up on grading violations and ensuring Pickens’ swimming pool construction didn’t violate flood regulations.  Northrop didn’t deny the allegations when pressed for more details by board member Arne Henricks.

Hawaii County Board of Ethics will not discuss complaint against former  councilwoman Emily Naeole.

Source:  Stephens Media Hawaii.

Reporter:  Nancy Cook Lauer.

Wednesday’s meeting of the Hawaii County Board of Ethics got a bit heated when former Councilwoman Emily Naeole appeared before the panel to refute alleged ethics violations by  her.  The Board of Ethics voted to do nothing about the charges, saying it “had no jurisdiction over an ethics complaint against her.” Naeole, who said she had barely enough gas to reach Hilo for the meeting, told reporter Lauer that she felt compelled to show up and “assert her rights.”  She denied done anything wrong.  She told the board that “Someone’s been trying to put me down”, adding that it took her three and a half years to re-enter politics after her loss in 2010.  Naeole noted that “To me to step back into the race…barely two months after I started campaigning…I’m stepping back up and this is the kind of thing I have to put up with.”

Naole is a candidate in a District 4 race that also includes incumbent Greggor Ilagan, Madie Green, and Roy Lorenzo.  The complaint against the former councilwoman was filed by Pahoa resident Arthur Varady.  In his complaint, Varady said “Naeole entered the Pahoa Senior Center on 09 May 2014, announced she was running for office, and gave the site manager 20 tickets to a fundraiser to distribute.”  Naole reportedly said she’d asked for 90 tickets but the printer ran off 900 tickets instead.

The Hawaii County Board of Ethics has found Naeole in violation of the ethics code twice before.  In one instance she was found in violation of the code requiring county officers to give “fair, courteous and impartial treatment.”  In 2009, the board scolded her ” for throwing a pen during public testimony and for making thumbs-down gestures behind the backs of testifiers.”

Abuse suit against television executive is dropped.

Source:  Associated Press (Honolulu).

A former aspiring actor and model who accused several entertainment industry figures of child sex abuse has dropped another federal lawsuit.  Attorneys for  Michael Egan III filed papers Wednesday in Honolulu Federal Court voluntarily dismissing his case against former network executive Garth Ancier.  Three weeks ago, Egan withdrew a similar lawsuit against former TV executive David Neuman.

Plane lands in field–two aboard uninjured.

Source:  Associated Press (Honolulu).

A small plane went down in a field near the H-2 freeway Tuesday evening, and the two persons aboard were uninjured.  Wahiawa police responded to a report of a possible downed aircraft in a pineapple field north of Ka Uka Boulevard.

The 54-yearold pilot, Bruce Hamilton, let instructor Michael Richards of Moore Air take control of the Cessna 172P when he experienced engine trouble.

Chinese ships arrive for RIMPAC exercises.

Source:  Associated Press (Honolulu).

Two Chinese ships are in Hawaii to participate in naval exercises starting this week.  Missile destroyer Haikou arrived at Pearl Harbor flying Chinese and American flags.  A hospital ship called “Peace Ark” arrived a short time later.  Two other ships from China are expected to arrive for the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises.  The training exercise got under way today and will run through early August.

Hawaii Island weather for Friday, 27 June 2014:

Partly sunny with a few windward showers.  Highs near 80.  Lows near 70.  Winds from the East, 6-12 mph. Sunrise Friday, 27 June 2014–5:44 a.m.

Hawaii Island tides for Friday, 27 June 2014:

Hilo High Tide–3:35 a.m./4:50 p.m.  Hilo Low Tide–9:39 a.m./11:28 p.m.

Kailua-Kona High Tide–4:13 a.m./5:28 p.m.  Kailua-Kona Low Tide–10:16 a.m.

Hawaii Island surf conditions for Friday, 27 June 2014:

Hilo and Honolii–2-3 feet.  Hamakua and North Kohala–1-2 feet.  Kona and Banyans–1-2 feet.  South Point and Pohoiki–2-3 feet.

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HELCO adopts new timeline for geothermal project.

Helco is working on concerns raised by the Public Utilities Commission.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Tom Callis.


According to reporter Tom Callis, the Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) is using a “new timeline” for approving another geothermal power facility on Hawaii Island.  The extension of the bid process is an attempt to address “issues raised by the state Public Utilities Commission and an independent observer.”  HELCO officials told the PUC that it hopes to complete the evaluation process of bids by 14 February 2015, with “an executed  agreement available for regulatory review by the end of April.”  HELCO believes the new date will give plenty of time for bidders to submit a  “best and final offer” that could

permit lower bids to be offered.  The new timeline would follow the completion of an updated Power Supply Improvement Plan set for 26 August 2014.  Aloha, Russ.

Court rules in favor of reopening the Kulani Correctional Facility.

Court rejects opinion of a Native Hawaiian group.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Colin M. Stewart.


According to reporter Colin M. Stewart the state won an important ruling Friday morning in Hilo Circuit Court to reopen the Kulani Correctional Facility.  The Native Hawaiian group known as “Ohana Ho’opakele” said it will file a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent the prison from reopening on 01 July 2014.  The group wants the state “to establish a pu’uhonua, or a place of refuge or healing, at the site 20 miles southeast of Hilo as an alternative to reopening the prison.”  Reopening the minimum security prison would return about 300 of the approximately 1,700 Hawaii inmates currently held in mainland facilities.  The decision to reopen the Kulani Facility is part of the national “Justice Reinvestment Initiative,” and has been supported by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie.  Aloha, Russ.

Suspect identified in woman’s death.

Hawaii police say woman was murdered in 2011.

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Reporter:  Colin M. Stewart.


Hawaii police say 20-year-old Sommer Ferreira of Hilo was murdered under “suspicious circumstances.”  Ferreira was the mother of an 18-month-old child who was killed eight months earlier.  According to Hawaii County prosecutor Mitch Roth, the suspect in the death of the toddler is Xavier “Pee Wee” Cortez, Jr., who remains in jail on a charge of second-degree murder.  Roth told reporter Colin Stewart that “We believe we know who did this (killed Sommer Ferreira)…but at this stage, because we haven’t charged anyone with anything, we can’t say…we would rather try this in court than in the press.”  Roth said a major break in the case came as the result of “the hard work” of Deputy Prosecutor Joseph Lee and “the continued efforts of the Hawaii Police Department.”  Aloha, Russ.